Terms and Conditions

Contraindications & Cautious Conditions
Each therapy has got its own cautious conditions and contraindications which will be explained in detail if applicable. The client has the duty to inform the practitioner of any medical conditions or change of conditions in follow up sessions. No claims can be made by any client if failure to inform has occurred. A general overview is given (not exhaustive) as follows:

Epilepsy, Diabetes, HTN , Pregnancy (special conditions apply) , Skin infection, Bleeding disorders, Immunocompromised patients, High demand of concentration after treatment (long drives), Cancer (special conditions apply), Severe acute injuries and spine compressions.

Possible Complications
Each therapy has got its own possible complications and will be discussed as applicable. No claims can be made by any client after giving consent to treatment for any occurring complications. A general indication can be given (not exhaustive) as follows:

Redness of skin , Pain experiences, Drowsiness, dizziness, tiredness, light headedness or nausea direct after treatment Aggravation of symptoms over first 48 hrs past treatment before improvement.

Treatment & Symptoms relief of Conditions
Each therapy has got its own benefits and each client does respond different to therapies. It is down to the practitioner’s assessment, experience and knowledge to advice on suitability of treatment for the individual client. Amount of treatment sessions required depends on the condition, severity and the respond of the patient’s body

An indication can be given by the practitioner and should be followed by the client for maximum beneficial respond. Combination therapies may be also recommended at the discretion of the practitioner.

No guarantee is given by the practitioner involved in the treatment delivery for the cure of presenting conditions. All members of staff assure highest commitment to aid the client’s ill health condition to improvement and possible restoration of health.

Treatment Costs
A cost chart is available for each client. It is indicative and not exhaustive due to the multiple possibilities of combination therapies. Some treatments do have set fees to be paid in advance to ensure full compliance and commitment of client.

Complaints and Refund
Any complaints other then above mentioned will be investigated and serious complaints will follow an investigation by the appointed manager. The outcome will be reported to the claimer. No refunds will be given on any treatments received by the client.

The client has the duty to notify a minimum of 24hrs before appointment of not attending a treatment session or as otherwise agreed on written agreements. Charges in form of a full session payment apply.

I _________________________________ (name) give informed consent to the treatment plan introduced to me. I have received information about the therapy/therapies, contraindications and complications proposed to me. I understand that the treatment plan has been designed according to my information given and I state that I have not omitted any information related to my medical past and present. I have the obligation to inform the practitioner of any changes of condition. I have been advised to seek a past medical history from my GP. I consent my data being used for research purpose and case studies given confidentiality about personal data is guarantied. I do understand that all data accumulated by the practitioner is personal property and no subject for disclosure to any third party. I agree to the terms and conditions.

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